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The effects of land use land cover change on hydrological process of gilgel gibe, omo gibe basin, ethiopia wakjira takalaa, tameneadugnaphd b, dawudtamam. There is an alphabetic list at the end of this article. This online pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one pdf document for free. Two months after its independence in july 2011, south sudan began seeking to. Ethiopian universities in integrated river basin management project. River basin management and development horizon ird. February corporate presentation final slides only for. Nbi role in facing energy security challenges in the nile. Impacts on egypt water resources management and road map. The nile river basin the 6850km long nile is the worlds longest river, and flows from south to north with a catchment basin covering approximately 10% of the african continent exhibit 1. Litani river authority lra provides a unique platform to become such an iwrm river basin authority that will mobilize stakeholders in the river basin and address these challenges in an integrated manner.

Holetta river is one of the rivers found in the upper part of awash basin and facing challenges of runoff variability and scarcity of water availability during the dry season. These rivers together with the two rift valley river basins cover the largest land mass of the. The upper blue nile basin ubnb is located in the ethiopian highlands, which is the most important sub basin. In the distant past, ethiopian monarchs, who had had a fair awareness of the vitality of the nile floods for the survival of. Location and elevation of awash basin among the ethiopian river basins. River basin planning guy pegram, li yuanyuan, tom le quesne, robert. The awash basin is divided into three parts upper, middle, and lower basins based on climatological, physical, socioeconomic, agricultural, and water resources characteristics 5,21.

Longterm spi drought forecasting in the awash river basin in. The effects of land use land cover change on hydrological. Over half of this potential is located in the abbay and omo river basins, where the nearlycompleted 6,000 mw grand ethiopian renaissance dam gerd and the recentlycompleted 1,870 mw gibe iii. Diminishing surface water resources west africa has, over the past few decades, experienced a sharp decline. Heavy rainfall often causes flooding, especially along the awash river and in the lower baroakobo and wabeshebelle river basins. Keith patrick garrettgost is not necessarily the originator of this data, if you have questions about this data please contact email protected. Water is a source of conflict around the berki river basin in ethiopia, predominantly a consequence of a lack of iwrm awareness and an institutional framework. Almost all the rivers in ethiopia are seasonal and there are basically no perennial flows below 1,500 meters altitude. The upper blue nile basin in ethiopia harbors considerable untapped potential for irrigation and largescale hydropower.

The awash river basin is an endorheic basin of ethiopia located between 753. The river is the principal stream of an endorheic drainage basin, the turkana basin. The colorado river basin study was released in december 2012. Land use change is one of the responsible factor for changing the hydrological process of watershed by altering the magnitudeof surface runoff, aquifer recharge and river flows. This study outlines the stratigraphic and structural evolution of the blue nile basin based on field and remote sensing studies along the gorge of the nile. Pdf the efficacy of water treaties in the eastern nile basin. The nile, shared by 10 river basin countries, is the main vital water artery in the north eastern region of africa. The future of transboundary water disputes over the worlds longest river. Water resources development is vitally important for enabling the nile basin countries to meet their development objectives. It is the fourth populous basin in ethiopia and ranks the 3 rd of all basins of ethiopia in terms of population density and stands 4. The productivity of the mekong river basin is dependent on a dramatic process of. These are joined by the atbara river north of khartoum, sudan. Neches river basin risk assessment summary introduction in 1990, the texas department of health tdh.

Awash river basin is one of the twelve basins of ethiopia which is highly utilized and the first basin to be introduced to modern agriculture. Water resources management in ethiopia description continued in this study, the editors address these and other issues surrounding water resources management in all economic and water sectors in ethiopia within the setting of the nile basin, the first comprehensive treatment of. The niger traverses four countries, two of which niger and nigeria are named after it. Pdf drought analysis in the awash river basin, ethiopia.

The nile basin, in the context of this report, refers not only to the physical drainage area of the nile with its associated biophysical and ecological elements, but also to the people living within the basin and features of their social, cultural. Ethiopian water sector policy ethiopian legal brief. Managing shared river basins in the horn of africa. Productive options assessment lower shebelle basin final. Introduction this report gives an overview and analysis of the legal framework and institutional setup for integrated water resources management iwrm in awash river basin. The primary entity for the senegal river basin, the omvs, is charged with. Ethiopia are both experiencing extremely high population growth at 3. The river spreads across 10 countries with an area of 3. The lecture note has been prepared by ethiopian authors from six universities under the and supervision of dr. Analysis of water use on a large river basin using mike. Acknowledgements this book has been drafted as part of an extended dialogue that took place between 2009 and 2012, between a team of international experts led by the world wide fund for nature wwf and a chinese team led by the general. The omo river in southern ethiopia is the largest ethiopian river outside the nile basin. Within ethiopia, the river has several tributaries. This is a list of streams and rivers in ethiopia, arranged geographically by drainage basin.

Awash basin high council and authority ethiopian legal brief. Economic analysis of largescale upstream river basin. Analysis of water use on a large river basin using mike basin. Ethiopia has some of the richest water resources in africa, distributed across eight major basins with an exploitable hydropower potential of 45,000 mw. A waterfall on the awash river laden with mud after a storm in central ethiopia s oromia region. The study area is the upper omoghibe river basin gibe iii catchment located in the southwestern highlands of ethiopia. Nbi role in facing energy security challenges in the nile basin. Longterm spi drought forecasting in the awash river basin. The geopolitics of the river nile basin 24 jun, 2018 in africa current events egypt by chris cole updated on july 3, 2018 when completed, the 4. The river rises on the high plateau near ginchi town west of addis ababa in ethiopia and flows along the rift valley into the afar triangle, and. According to 18, the area receives rainfall for about nine to ten months per year. Water demand, holetta river, cropwat model, water use 1. Managing water resources to maximize sustainable growth country water resources assistance strategy report no. This case study on the mekong river basin system is one of a series that has been prepared as part of a global environment facility gef good practices and portfolio learning in gef.

Effective basin planning is the starting point for sustainable management of river basins. Modsimbased water allocation modeling of awash river basin. Awash basin covers parts of afar, amhara, oromia, somali regional states, snnp and addis ababa and dire dawa administrative councils. Nile river basin the international water management. The dhidhessa river basin originates from sigmo mountain ranges in southwestern ethiopia and flows towards the easterly direction for about 75 km, and then turning rather sharply to the north until it joins. Economic analysis of largescale upstream river basin development on the blue nile in ethiopia considering transient conditions, climate variability, and climate change paul block1 and kenneth strzepek2 abstract. E longitude whereas elevations in the basin ranges from 619 m to 32 m a. The organizational structure of river basin organizations.

Pdf merge combinejoin pdf files online for free soda pdf. There are twelve major river basins in ethiopia of which awash basin is one and the most utilized river basin so far. The river originates from the central highlands of ethiopia and flows down northeast for a total length of 1,200 km until it terminates by joining lake abe, bordering. The river rises on the high plateau near ginchi town west of addis ababa in ethiopia and. In a country where agriculture is of paramount importance the omoghibe catchment contains an unexploited land and water resource. Ii integrating geoinformation for the management of river basins in the ethiopian part of the nile basin by wubeshet demeke tefera thesis submitted to the international institute for geoinformation science and earth observation in. Hertie school of governance hsog quartier 110 friedrichstrasse 180. Swot analysis and challenges of nile basin initiative. The baro river is created by the confluence of the birbir and gebba rivers, east of metu in the illubabor zone of the oromia region. New watershed codification system for indian river basins. Framework agreement on the sava river basin bosnia and herzegovina, republic of croatia, republic of slovenia and federal republic of yugoslavia hereinafter. Adjust measures to the local situation and combine shortterm and long term needs. Integrated river basin management is an approach to water resource management that takes into account all the factors linked to the resources, including social and economic activities.

The practice of basin planning has developed over time in response to the changing demands placed on river systems by societies, and the changing conditions of rivers. Principles, procedures and approaches for strategic basin planning. Aqueduct metadata document mekong river basin study. River basins which drain to an inland water body are called. Stratigraphic and structural evolution of the blue nile. Introduction ethiopia has 12 river basins and awash river basin is one of them. Hydrogeomorphological characterization of dhidhessa river. Jurisdiction the red river basin commission was formed in 2002 as a result of a merger between the red river basin board, the international coalition, and the red river water resources council.

Ethiopia and uganda use the river for hydroelectricity. The big and main water resources problem in ethiopia is the uneven spatial and temporal occurrence and distribution. Dec 01, 2009 anglian river basin district rbmp 2009 annex j. Soda pdf merge tool allows you to combine two or more documents into a single pdf file for free. Its course is entirely contained within the boundaries of ethiopia, and it empties into lake turkana on the border with kenya. Unfortunately, all river basins in ethiopia except for the nile basin face water shortages. Put pdfs together, merge pdfs, or glue pdf files very easy you want to put together a pdf.

After the detailed study of watershed codification, this paper suggests a new watershed codification system for indian river basin, which will be more useful for the study of systematic river basin planning, watershed management, etc. Drought analysis in the awash river basin, ethiopia 1445 missing observations which had to be. The data selection and validation process for the mekong river basin study involved three steps. The objective of the lecture note is to provide a comprehensive theoretical material and practical skills.

The study was conducted by reclamation in collaboration with the seven basin states and a broad range of stakeholders including tribes, agricultural users, purveyors of municipal and industrial water, power users, and conservation and recreation groups. Overview of niger river basin countries and basin history the niger river basin is an extraordinary asset for the nine countries that are within its watershed and for the broader west and central africa region. Perspectives of the grand ethiopian renaissance dam gerd article pdf available in global journal of environmental science and management 172. Establishment of river basins development authorities.

Potential evaporation rates in the nile region are high, making the basin particularly vulnerable to drought. Senegal river basin international waters governance. The first attempt to manage the hydrological cycle in a. A study was conducted on water allocation modeling of awash river basin, ethiopia, using modsim, a river basin management decision support system dss designed as a computeraided tool for developing. Given that flood hazard is spatial phenomenon, the application of gis and remote sensing techniques are essential to the flood hazardrisk management process.

In ethiopia alone, there are 12 major river basins, out of which mereb, tekeze, abbay and baroakobo located in the western part of the country, form the ethiopian part of the nile basin. Wikimedia commons has media related to rivers of ethiopia. This free online tool allows to combine multiple pdf or image files into a single pdf document. The rivers originating from the eastern highlands of the country mainly flow to the east. The grand ethiopian renaissance dam and the future of the. Our pdf merger allows you to quickly combine multiple pdf files into one single pdf document, in just a few clicks. The grand ethiopian renaissance dam and the uture of the nile river basin he grand ethiopian renaissance dam gerda controversial construction project being built by ethiopia on the nile river near the border with sudanhas recently become a point of antagonism between ethiopia, sudan and egypt.

This simple webbased tool lets you merge pdf files in batches. The awash river basin supports farming, from the growth of lowland crops such as maize and sesame to. Water treaties in the eastern nile basin 63 ally, this exchange of notes confines itself to settling the scramble for the river toward a single purpose namely, irrigation agriculture omer. Every six years a river basin management plan must be produced for each river basin district rbd to comply with the requirements of the water framework directive wfd. Anglian river basin district river basin management plan. The niger river basin with a length of 4,200 km, the niger river is the third longest river in africa after the nile and the congo river. With the white nile, it is one of the two major tributaries of the nile. The wabi shebelle river basin in the esrs is one of the 12 major river basins in ethiopia and potentially, is seen as an area where irrigated agriculture can contribute to local and regional economies. Nile river basin, power relations, change, unilateralism, cooperation, egypt, sudan, ethiopia introduction this first section aims to briefly introduce some key events in nile basin hydropolitics, which will be important in order to frame the analysis of ongoing power dynamics. Sima ba 2011 flow regime and land cover changes in the didessa sub basin of the blue nile river, southwestern ethiopia. The climate of the awash river basin varies between a mild temperate climate in the upper awash sub basin to a hot semiarid climate in both the middle and lower subbasins.

Aligning other key processes to river basin management pdf, 708kb, 33 pages this file may not be suitable for users of assistive technology. Indeed, the area has a long history of irrigation schemes from the 1960s, with. Hydrometeorological trends in the upper omo ghibe river. There are 8 river basin districts in the island of ireland.

Nile basin initiative statement by executive director, nile basin initiative dear esteemed reader, i am most delighted to welcome you to the first nile basin water resources atlas. Current situation february 2012 this report was made possible by the united states agency for international development usaid. It is very broad in scope to not only cover water, but also environmental management aspects such as land use issues, pollution control. The normal ratio method, recommended by linsley et al. Pdf flood hazard and risk assessment using gis and. Successful implementation of lrbms will prepare the lra to assume the role of an integrated river. The nile basin the term basin refers to the geographical area drained by a river or lake. Climate change impact on water resources in the awash. Integrating geoinformation for the management of river. Each country within the basin has unique geographic settings and a wide range of available resources. The awash river basin supports farming, from the growth of lowland crops such as maize and sesame to pastoral farming practices.

The climate of the awash river basin varies between a mild temperate climate in the upper awash sub basin to a hot semiarid climate in both the middle and lower sub basins. The whole character of the basin is topography dependent, rising as it does from 500m asl around lake rudolph to over 3000m asl around bako in the north. Between 8090% of ethiopia s water resources is found in the four river basins namely, abay blue nile, tekeze, baro akobo, and omo gibe in the west and southwestern part of ethiopia where the population is no more. River basin abbreviated as climate resilience investment plan crip was prepared and will be implemented by the niger riparian countries and the niger basin authority nba, one of the oldest african intergovernmental agencies, created in 1964 in niamey, niger. Action was taken to implement an iwrm pilot project to account for different stakeholder interests, resulting in the development and adoption of the berki basin iwrm. Snowy mountains engineering corporation abstract transboundary river basins are under increasing pressure due to population growth. An integrated water resource management perspective alebel abebe belay, henry musoke semakula, george james wambura, labohy jan virje university, brussels 1090, belgium key words.

If you are looking for a way to combine two or more pdfs into a single file, try pdfchef for free. Managing water resources to maximize sustainable growth. Keith patrick garrettgost is not necessarily the originator of this data, if you have questions. Grand ethiopian renaissance dam gerd an interactive qualifying project report submitted to the faculty of worcester polytechnic institute in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of bachelor of civil engineering by. The water of awash basin, a future challenge, ilri, no date. Ethiopia s longest unique river is the awash, while its longest shared with other nations is the nile. It was prepared by international resources group irg. The effective and efficient management of water is a major problem, not just for economic growth and development in the nile river basin, but also for the peaceful coexistence of the millions of pe. The authors views expressed in this publication do not. The baro river is a river in southwestern ethiopia, which defines part of ethiopia s border with south sudan. Ethiopia genaledawa river basin integrated resources. Description of the basin the awash river basin is the most important river basin in ethiopia, and covers a total land area of 110,000 km 2 and serves as home to 10. It is the fourth populous basin in ethiopia and ranks the 3rd of all. Parties, recognizing the vital importance of transboundary cooperation for the parties aimed towards sustainable development of the sava river basin.

The wwf describes integrated river basin management as the process of coordinating conservation, management and. The blue nile basin, situated in the northwestern ethiopian plateau, contains 1400 m thick mesozoic sedimentary section underlain by neoproterozoic basement rocks and overlain by earlylate oligocene and quaternary volcanic rocks. Mekong river basin international union for conservation of. The second source that compensates the rest of the year is the great lakes region of africa, which provides about 15 per cent of egypts needs.

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